The United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra


UN Video Clip on the Occasion of UN 60th Anniversary

The Making of...


UNO letter to Mr. Schramm


UN 60th Anniversary video


officially supported by

UN Media and Public Information Office

Production-Crew for Europe

Rüdiger Schramm,

Marcello Kaiser:,

Haik Buechsenschuss:

and their newly founded 9pm-pictures filmproduction,

Malte Gerberding, Kristin Bönig, Jil Gyamfi (+ choreography), Esther Mercedes Jürgens: (+ choreography),

Wendla Nölle:, Anna Fenske, Henning Glabbart


artistic and musical development

..feeling the right beat for the "The Peanut Vendor"?

Nancy Gonzalez (+ choreography)

produced in worldwide partnership with
Chris Schuepp from

Unicef's "young peoples media network"

Manhattan Neighborhood Network's Youth Channel

Youth Channel

special thanks

Cynthia Carrion and her team (USA / New York)
Christen Cofer, Stein Ivar Mollestad, David Sykes

as well as

Kwame Anane Frempong and Yas Billy (Africa / Ghana)

Frances Ledesma (Asia / Philippines)

28th July 2005

music recordings kindly hosted and supported by  "Northern Radio & Television" (NDR) - at the legendary "Studio 1"

United World Philharmonic Bigband & Strings
"The Peanut Vendor" (composed by Moises Simons)

Re-arranged and conducted by
Wolf Kerschek

post engineering

Daniel Lüdke, Sven Kohlwaage, Wolf Kerschek, Ken Norris, Rüdiger Schramm

Flute: Dirk Klawitter
Alto Sax: Sebastian Albrecht
Tenor Sax: Sebastian Gille Bariton
Sax: Natascha Protze


Trumpet 1: Benjamin Brown
Trumpet 2: Nicolas Boysen
Trumpet 3: Jan Gospodinov
Trumpet 4:
Hans-Christian Stephan

Trombone 1: Jörn Marcussen-Wulff
Trombone 2: Geoffroy Dabrock
Trombone 3: Johnny John

Guitar: Clinton Campisi
Piano: Christian Renz
Bass: Jacob Dreyer
Christian Renz

Drums: Konrad Ullrich
Percussion: Luis Alberto
Percussion: Lucho

Wilfried Laatz, Piotr Kwasny, Annika Litzendorf, Adam Zolynsky,
Christine Seifert , Yuske Kobayashi, Sven Torborg

Martin Bentz, Stephen Cook

Kenneth Norris

Children Choir
Milena Kan, Selma Kan, Yasar Kan, Lale Kan,
Immanuel Ayx, Sonja Wriedt, Lina Ohltmanns,
Isabelle Schramm, Marc-Olivier Schramm

Additional recordings at Boogie-Park Studios

artistically directed by Kenneth Norris


Electra Weston, Jeanne-Marie Nigl, Josephine Ikearu, Thandi Maphumulo, Orly Solomon, Florence Joy,

Sipho Manquele, O.J.Lynch, Mbuso Ndlovu, Timothy Riley

Delicious organic pizza snack and salad always prepared by Isabelle Schramm & Marc-Olivier Schramm

very special thanks to our supporters

Conergy AG
 Lebensbaum GmbH

The promotion of renewable energy in the clip and in the project in general have become our passion

catering supported by
Lebensbaum /Ulrich Walter GmbH

Grell Naturkost

Effenberger Vollkornbäckerei 

Bio-Schlachterei Fricke

18th August 2005


first shootings with

Thandi Maphumulo, Florence Joy, Sipho Manquele and our strings



The Lyrics of "The Peanut Vendor" (UN-) Song

Children Choir: U-N , U-N for humanity, working internationally

Adult Choir:

  U-N, U-N
It's a celebration of our unity - for the betterment of all humanity
with a dialogue on rights we must protect and an attitude of mutual respect
We 've friends from round the world to make and new initiatives to take
and through our efforts, try to understand the value of each woman, every man
  the greatest resource that we have

music brings us together naturally, sing for every nation, sing for peace

Adlibs by Thandi Maphumulo and Florence Joy

Special professional guests for samba dancing sequences
Paula Ferreira and Isis Paula

our young dancers for salsa and classical ballet
Anncathrin Nowicki, Nicola Buschmann, Vivian Hachmann, Annabell Windel, Janina Timm,
Julia Bartels, Julia Woltersdorf, Maria Kern, Nora Kafka, Tini Ahrens, Merle Haufe, Aissa Linzbach,
Christian Rummelhagen, Isabell Van Baalen, Louisa Hayder, Maurice Delatte, Sandra Wiechern,
Hannah Kleppin, Julia von Frieling, Kyra Braun, Lara Clasen-Schulz, Linda Mangelsdorff, Isabelle Schramm

The Hip Hop and Breakdancers
Nico Pätzold, Daniel Evers,
Gersham, Nils, Mathias

little acting children

Lale Kan, Jumeira Rodriguez

acting children choir

Milena Kan, Selma Kan, Yasar Kan, Lale Kan, Edwina Habila,

Sarah and Lina El Korchi-Buchert, Mona-Lina Busselmame, Lina Dolic


special thanks to Beate Schüssler-Preuss and for hosting us

special thanks to our very talented make-up artists
Lydia Zentner, Laura Laszek, Lisi Rameder, Nele Schulz, Marta Racekovic

and the "public school for health & beauty"
Friseurinnungen Hamburg
and the company support at our locations
Peter Polzer Hairdressing, Friseur Boehde

our technical support for playbacks was sponsored by


special location at the shelter /Media Bunker)
The White House Dance & Event Marketing Company mbH

Restaurant "Le Marrakech"

"The Peanut Vendor" Song by Moises Simons is licensed by

Emi Music Publishing

on behalf of

Edward B. Marks Publishing New York